We invest in green energy

Novalia Sinergies, S.L. belongs to Grupo Renerbio (Recursos Energéticos de Biomasa S.L.)
and specialises in the production of ENplus A1 wood pellet (certification nº. 24).

Potencial growth capacity of 150.000 MT/year

20 years of experience in the energy industry and a firm bet on the constant innovation for the improvement and implementation of renewable energies, make Novalia Sinergie one of the leading and most technologically advanced companies in the renewable energy industry. This allows us to offer our clients a local product and service with the highest quality and guarantees.

Our plant consists is located in a 60.000 square meter plot (with 10.000 built square meters) and has the enough cogeneration thermal energy to produce up to 150.000 MT of pellets per year at our facilities equipped with the latest technology.

Wood pellets production line.

Low temperature belt drying system.

Pelletization line and product transfer to warehouse.

Automated bagging system.

Bulk telescopic loading system.