Productos indexados de máxima transparencia

Transparency indexed products

In this type of product, the price of electricity for each time of the day is determined by means of a process of indexation of the market’s supply and demand. The prices of the indexed products offered by Vatnova are taken straight from the electric market, for each time of the day, with total traceability and transparency.

Facturación Transparente

Transparent billing

Our bills show all costs itemised so that our clients can understand easily what they are paying exactly, with no surprises or hidden costs.

Minimización de costes.

Costs minimization

We minimize the management costs and carefully elaborate our purchase estimate to reduce as much as possible the repercussion to our clients of the costs that are generated by errors in calculating the purchase estimate.

Gestión personalizada.

Personalized service

We adapt our services to the needs of each client. Our services are aimed at businesses of any sector and activity, to whom we advise so that they can choose the most appropriate access rate, always optimizing the contract conditions.